The Brandeis Lab for Linguistics and Computation (LLC) is a group of faculty, postdocs, and students who conduct research in computational and theoretical linguistics and natural language processing. Research areas covered by our group include:
  • lexical semantics and the design of lexical databases;
  • compositional mechanisms in language;
  • multimodal communication between humans and computers;
  • interoperability among language resources and natural language processing tools;
  • temporal and spatial reasoning;
  • formal models of speaker-meaning and discourse-level computations;
  • extra-linguistic factors that affect truth-conditions, and the way they enter into the meaning computation;
  • semantic and pragmatic models of modality and reference;
  • semantic annotation and resource development;
  • construction and analysis of linguistic corpora;
  • discourse structure and relation identification.
We develop theoretically inspired models of linguistic behavior, and employ machine learning, statistical techniques, and finite-state and other rule-based methods to implement the algorithms for these models.
The LLC is affiliated with the Department of Computer Science, the Language and Linguistics Program, and the MA Program in Computational Linguistics.
Director: James Pustejovsky